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It was in 1972 when Lander Nocchi, entrepreneur in the motorcycle and car accessory sector, chose to transform his passion into something real: to make lighter and less expensive motorcycle crash helmets than those on sale at that time. He therefore decided to import Lexan, a versatile, lightweight material from the United States.

Then he purchased some injection machines and began to produce polycarbonate crash helmets. The Nolan Company, whose activities are essentially focussed on the production of protective helmets for motorcyclists, was established thanks to the genial idea of using an avant-garde plastic which could offer high mechanical performance. The company met with immediate success – due mainly to the quality of its products – which was bound to grow constantly in the years that followed.

Over 46 years operating and collaborating with the top raw materials producers, NOLAN raised the performances of its products to the maximum level and significantly broadened its range while promoting the development of increasingly sophisticated materials at the same time.

This enhanced the possibilities of using helmets even with constant and strict compliance with the severest standards governing their production. Research, technology, production seriousness and design elegance have allowed the Nolan brand to acquire growing importance on the main world markets: the sales network has become increasingly structured over time guaranteeing today a widespread presence in more than 70 countries around the globe.

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